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Guitar Hero Controller Works With Guitar Freaks V

Posted by fourstrifes on 2006.06.11 at 18:32


chi_ryu at 2006-06-12 09:28 (UTC) (Link)
P.P.R. (Long version), Classic Party 2 are the only ones on there.

Fire, P.P.R. and Jet World are, sadly, only on previous mixes. Arigatone is on GF 5th mix, so no home version.

GF4DM3 CS Songlist (roughly - not all songs are available on all difficulties, and you can't change difficulty mid-game):
Session X’mas (+long version)
Pretty G
Happy Easter!
Star of Muse (+long version)
Fuuma Tenkuu (+long version)
Jet ‘G ‘Crew
Complete Conquest
Ai No Shirushi
Born To Be Wild
You Ougtha Know
Bad Medicine
Liar! Liar!
Call My Name
Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy
Now I'm Sure
Furi Furi '60
I’m Gonna Get you!
Captain's Voyage
Fly High
You Elevate Me
Secrets Of Your Heart
Giant Slug
Right On Time
Sea Anemones
Carnival Day
Classic Party 2
Day Dream
P.P.R. (Long version only)
1175 (Long version only)
Primal Soul
Anarchy In The UK
Depend on You
Silly Girl

(I think that is it, but I'm going from memory)
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