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I haven't played either game in at least 8 years now.

Posted by tigerkakke on 2005.12.10 at 15:30
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Well, I decided to join this group.

Because I mean seriously.

What's the point of a group like this without either Rowen or I?

shishamo original
Posted by ericrebirth on 2005.12.10 at 01:28
hey all i'm new here! my name is no introductory posts

and here it comes; the obligatory question. i've yet to receive a straight answer, so hopefully you guys can lay down the law, once and for all.

Q. Does the Guitar Hero (Redoctane) controller work with Guitar Freaks?

(keywords for searching in the future so this question doesn't get asked a million times: REDOCTANE GUITAR HERO HARMONIX COMPATIBLE)


Posted by rmz on 2005.12.09 at 19:13
I was amazed to find that there was no dedicated GF/DM community yet, so I decided to create this. Discuss the new GFDM V2, the upcoming GFDM V for PS2, techniques, controllers, and whatever else.


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