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Posted by touji17 on 2007.12.06 at 20:50
With the impending release of GFDM V4 RockXRock. How much should a person be expected to pay for a rather used drummania 9?
just opinions and stuff


V3 Kit

Posted by ringtailed on 2007.10.09 at 16:32
Just wondering if any of you guys would be interested in buying a Guitar Freaks V3 Upgrade Kit. Bought it to upgrade my existing cabinet but we've just put an order in for a brand new V4 so no real point for us anymore.

Kit includes main PCB
Black Security Plug
Sealed V3 Data Disc
V3 Manual
Speakers Pops





Box would be shipping from the UK and open to reasonable offers.

Tail :)


Guitar freaks orignial

Posted by ringtailed on 2006.12.02 at 15:19
Hey guys, just looking to pick your brains regarding an original Guitar Freaks machine I picked up the other day. I remember reading a few years back about Hard Drive hacks for some of the Bemani system games that allowed you to have multiple versions on the game on one machine, i.e 1st / 2nd / 3rd mix etc. Is it possible to do this with Guitar freaks? I realise that 1st stage is analog and that only a few others are compatible but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also the machine I have seems to crash on a certain song in expert mode, Would a fresh HD chd fix this?


Gareth / Ringtailed :)



Posted by touji17 on 2006.11.03 at 22:59
Current Music: kono ko no nanatsu no oiwaini, ASAKI
Not sure if its my right to do this as Im rather new to groups but thought Id announce Replay in Brisbane city has gf/dm V3 linked aswell as DDR supernova for anyone interested.
Also the reminder that gf/dm V2 for ps2 [JAP] gets released on the 22nd

Ryo & Kanji


Posted by lord_lu_xun on 2006.08.22 at 15:11
Hi, I just joing this community recently.

I absolutly love DrumMania and GuitarFreaks and I was wondering if anybody had Dragon Blade, Andante, and or !Shining! on MP3 that they would be willing to upload to download. I've looked around on the net and cant find anywhere where I can get this or any other GuitarFreaks Or DrumMania music. So if someone could upload this it would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by azukiyo on 2006.08.03 at 20:51
A song on Guitar Freaks 11th mix I've played several times now and I've been looking all over for the MP3 so I can download it. Unfortunately, I mistranslated the hiragana. One of THOSE songs. You know the ones. it's got no english translation, but it's fun and addictive as hell, so you play it over and over.

Anyways. If anyone could give me a hand, I'll describe it.
The hiragana, which I'm sure I miscopied, is あそだそて, which translates to Asodasote. My japanese is atrocious, so I don't know what it means, or even if there are spaces in there.

The background to the song is what looks like a blonde haired powerpuff girl with large heart-shaped hair ties jamming on the guitar. I can't even seem to find a song list, despite google's efforts to poorly translate countless japanese pages. If anyone could give me a hand, I'll be eternally grateful and give you a cookie, even!

The Guitar Hero controller DOES work to an extent with Guitar Freaks. There are a few hitches though. Or at least when I use it to play Guitar Freaks V.

1. Guitar Freaks V must be set to 'C' Configuration in settings. Just use a normal controller to do this.

2. GH SG controller will always hold left. That's because the left imput is shorted out so that Guitar Hero will recognise the Guitar Hero controller. This means that at song select, it will scroll uncontrollably. You can get by this by again, using a normal controller to pick a song and then swapping in the Guitar Hero controller while the song is loading. Excercise is good for you.

3. The buttons used are red, blue, and orange. That is, the second, fourth, and fifth fret buttons. You have to skip the fret that is normally below your middle finger. It's not a big deal when you get used to it. Your pinky will get strong.

4. You can only pick down. In C configuration, only down is picking, not up, as you can tell when you use your controller to play. That's what the digital vs analog control eseentially boils down to. Thus, you'll be practically limited to the easier songs, although you can pick down pretty fast with some practice.

More on 4, with the ps2 controller, you can either pick by pushing down on the d-pad or the analog stick. Although it doesn't help at all unless your arm is utterly dead, you can play by pushing the whammy bar down instead of the strum bar. I have not been able to succssfully combine these techniques to do an equivalent to up down picking. Thus, Funky sonic World is still murder on the arm.

Essentially, the Guitar Hero controller is like a high quality, albeit finicky, version of the topway piece of crud, because I heard that the topway version can't strum upwards either. But I'm not sure about that. Anyways, the Guitar Hero controller is basically better than the topway but no replacement for the KOC.

Posted by rmz on 2006.03.24 at 22:57
GF/DM "Best Hits" game in the works!


The above link takes you to a survey where you are allowed to vote for three songs that you'd like to see appear as well as which interface (from GF5/DM4 up through GF11/DM10) you want the game to use.

This is great news, since it will let everyones' favorite revivals that didn't make it onto GF/DM V reach a home version.

Posted by rmz on 2006.01.13 at 19:56
GF/DM V details.

Release: March 16th

Special edition pack includes: Game, special box, "pick key holder(?)," artist session CD, some other DVD/CD stuff? Official site: http://www.konamistyle.jp/ecitem/item27188.html

Partial songlist (from demo version) posted to Bemanistyle:

瞬的愛歌 (JET LOVE)
Endless cruising
Summertime cruisin'
mushroom boy
Desert Rose
The Least 100sec
under control
Tall Spin
Funky sonic World
Gently, the rain sings for me


Guitar Freaks ASC is GO!

Posted by chi_ryu on 2006.01.04 at 16:35
Current Mood: happyhappy
From Konamistyle:


Essentially, this says there have been enough reservations, and the ASC will be made! Yay!

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