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GUITAR FREAKS & drummania

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Discuss Guitar Freaks and Drummania here. This isn't the place to spam an online petition (of course, unless it's directly IIDX related), give out Gmail invites, or discuss who you think the best presidential candidate is. Do those things in your own journal, please. :)

The eight commandments of gfdm:

1. No accomplishments posts. Put those in your personal journal.
2. Don't be an ass. Don't start unnecessary drama.
3. No spamming your unrelated survey/site/forums/etc.
4. Please no Bemani pun posts or "GET IT" posts, they've gotten over the top lately. Post those to [info]bemani_puns, please.
5. Please no introduction posts. We have too many members these days for that.
6. Try to stay on topic.
7. Put large images behind cuts.
8. Don't post stuff that's not work/school safe.